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This material is for promotional purposes only. This public offering does not require prospectus.


poland-in-the-bitcoin-world-300x212.pngPoland is in the top 10 countries with the highest number of Bitcoin wallet downloads and among the 10 countries where interest in Bitcoin is highest, as shown by Google Trends statistics.

Meanwhile, according to a site which gathers information about locations which accept Bitcoin payments in the world – Warsaw has 27 such places, that’s more than Frankfurt (18), Munich (21) and Budapest (13) and not much less than in Prague (35), Berlin (56) or London (65).

In 2013 InPay was created in Warsaw – the first Polish and one of the first European Bitcoin payment and acceptance system dedicated for traditional and online vendors.

InPay S.A. was registered on June 26th, 2014, designating the first funds it obtained for organizing a joint stock company, developing technology and mitigating legal and fiscal issues. Now, thanks to the public offer of the company’s shares, we want to acquire financing for the quick development of the InPay system in Poland and Europe.

We want the number of places which accept Bitcoin in our country to grow. We want to work in the best interest of entrepreneurs – limiting their transaction costs and simplifying operations, also working in favor of our shareholders – by increasing the value of InPay S.A. and the amount paid out as dividends.

We would like to invite you to read the InPay project description and to buy our shares online.

Introducing InPay:

InPay is the payment system of the future. InPay was created to enable entrepreneurs to accept Bitcoin, freeing them from the obligation of paying large commissions to intermediaries and banks. This will allow them to offer lower prices for buyers.

How does InPay work?

InPay removes the obstacles facing the owners of brick-and-mortar and online stores who want to start accepting Bitcoin. An owner of a business who wants to focus on running his company, and not on speculating with highly volatile assets, has the guarantee that his bank account will be credited with the amount equivalent to the invoices and receipts he has issued. The entrepreneur receives a bank transfer of the same amount as if he had received cash.

Exchange rate freeze from the time of sale is a basic function expected by the market, because accepting payment in Bitcoin causes potential threats connected to price fluctuations. This problem is especially relevant for Bitcoin, which is known for highly volatile exchange rate changes.

For companies, which have already considered accepting Bitcoin payments or have decided to use available tools (electronic wallets), InPay offers the following facilities:

  • Commission-free payments, which means you don’t have to account for the discrepancies resulting from accepting electronic payments;
  • Unique payment addresses for each charge, which enable maintaining trade secrets and prevent undesired people from gaining information about revenue;
  • The possibility of only receiving payments without the possibility of payouts, which eliminates the risk of fund payout by an ineligible employee;
  • Linking the payment to transaction metadata, such as receipt, invoice number, etc. for better reporting;
  • Innovative simplification of a safe billing system e.g. in gastronomy, etc., such as dedicated employee accounts, closing shifts, etc.

With each attempt to perform a transaction, InPay system will automatically search for the best offers from global markets. Thanks to this feature, InPay is able to make money on exchange rate differences without risk, and paying customers can receive better exchange rates, than normally on particular marketplaces.

How will InPay S.A. make money?

InPay S.A. makes money from trading electronic Bitcoin certificates. In real time, taking advantage of access to an increasing number of marketplaces and the fully automatic process of choosing the lowest possible conversion rate at a given time.  In short, InPay S.A. doesn’t stockpile Bitcoins, but skillfully sells them in real time, at a profit.

What do we gain by buying InPay S.A. shares?

Bitcoin is increasing in popularity worldwide. It is a global market. Bitcoin transaction volumes are systematically rising. Startups which today are merely beginning to operate on the market will be its leaders in the future. By supporting alternative payment methods we stimulate competition in a fairly closed market with high entry barriers. Greater competition, thanks to cheaper solutions, such as InPay, in effect leads to pressure on the traditional payment method providers, making them lower, for instance, the interchange fee. We believe that healthy competition will bring better results than EU directives, and consumers will receive lower prices thanks to the increase in companies’ profitability.

What is the competitive advantage of InPay S.A.?

The creators of the InPay system have spent the last 12 months preparing for the launch of the company and acquiring the funds. This isn’t an easy process, especially with complicated legal and tax regulations. InPay S.A. doesn’t want to expose its clients by operating in accordance with Polish and EU law. This is why we dedicated a large part of our time and financial assets on detailed work on this subject.

InPay S.A. has state-of-the-art and proven technology, but its development requires more time and resources.

Who is forming InPay S.A.?

The InPay software has been created by Lech Wilczyński and Sławomir Więch, who are software developers with many years of experience. As early as during their studies at the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology, together they created software which helped the university test students’ programming skills. For years Sławek has been gathering experience as leader of IT teams in a large insurance company, while Lech created B2B software used by online stores, subsequently moving on to creating audio-marketing solutions used by commercial chains all over the country.

For the last few years Bitcoin has incited their interest as a very promising experiment, whose potential they were fully aware of.  In the second half of 2013 they made the decision that it’s not worth waiting until Western sites take over the Polish market, and that it’s time to start working despite the unclear legal situation of Bitcoin in Poland.

InPay acquired an investor and mentor in Arkadiusz Osiak, who, among other achievements, founded the portal. Thanks to this development we decided to create a joint stock company, protect it in legal and tax terms, and prepare a public offer. Arek is of great assistance to the young company, led by the technical co-founders, in terms of development strategy.

Share issue volume:

InPay S.A. offers the possibility of purchasing via public offer 5,000 company shares, i.e. 5% of share capital, priced at 40.00 PLN each. In order to purchase the chosen amount of shares please use the transactional system [link to a website enabling share purchase].

How will we use the funds raised from the company’s public offer?

The funds from the public offer will allow us to build a sales team, reaching more vendors, further development of the software, and in the nearest future also expansion to other European countries.


Non-cash payments should be simple and, first and foremost, safe, cheap and convenient. However, current payment solutions have significant downsides in this area, and they are also controversial in terms of savings and privacy protection. Meanwhile, cash payments lead to high service charges and, whether we like it or not, we are headed towards a non-cash society. Nevertheless many people see the danger caused by this transformation. We believe that technology can be harnessed in a way which will improve trade, lower transaction costs, simultaneously protecting the right to privacy and managing your finances without limits.


The technology which can fulfill this mission is based on a concept which had not been practically implemented up until 2009. The last five years have shown us the fantastic possibilities open to us, as this grassroots experiment has stood the test of time and is gaining strength and growing to a hitherto unimaginable scale. Bitcoin has become evidence for the fact that decentralized applications, starting with its use as a means of exchange, also including property rights and intelligent contracts and all the way up to cloud storage mechanisms, can work much better and safer than centralized solutions.

Just like 100 years ago the Wright brothers lifted a man and a machine into the sky, a few years ago one person found the solution to the problem, which so far had been left unresolved., i.e. achieving consensus in a decentralized computer network. The first application of this invention is electronic Bitcoin certificates.

Educating society

We are faced with a great civilizational change on a global scale, the greatest in the last 100 years, which is advancing regardless of the attitudes of various jurisdictions. We are seeing changes in rooted beliefs about basic concepts. But this is met by significant distrust from society, because here the understanding of concepts related to cryptography, computer networks, application use or even using a normal smartphone is essential.

We want to change this by organizing training sessions, and above all making it possible to use this new method in any store. This is the first step. We are aware of the fact that we are faced with hard grassroots work of educating consumers and entrepreneurs. We won’t make it without your help, without your financial and personal engagement.

This material is by nature only promotional and meant for advertising, and the type of public offer does not require making a prospectus available.

This material is for promotional purposes only and public offering type does not require prospectus.


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